Business Mobile Phone App Development

Empower your business with mobile apps!

Our software company provides mobile phone app development services helping businesses to leverage mobile technologies achieving their business goals. We build software solutions for smartphones and tablets obtaining sufficient level of expertise in designing mobile phone apps for iOS, Android and Windows platforms.

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Bespoke Application Development

The team builds mobile apps of any complexity and has experience of work in numerous industry sectors from publishing and education to finance and medicine.
Our app development agency specialises in building bespoke or custom-designed software solutions for mobile phones and tablets. We work with businesses interested in the creation of customised productivity program which can increase their productivity or attract more customers with tailor-made interactive mobile app. Our team carefully consider your requirements and business objectives, get your business insight, research the market, and study competitors. This research activity helps us to get an in-depth understanding of your needs and find a proper and the most suitable mobile solution. We do more than write code, we build a business-driven program for the mobile devices.


As one of the leading app development agencies, we provide a full-cycle development from conception to deployment and further analytics of your mobile phone program offering business consulting. The team consists of highly qualified experts in all IT spheres and development aspects.
Mobile Strategy

In view of the experience in developing mobile phone and tablet apps, our team is happy to share the expertise in the mobile market with our customers introducing them in the mobile ecosystem. IT experts provide free consultancy services and if our client wants to prolong the relationships the team can assist in creating a profitable mobile strategy starting with core features identification till the monetization strategy if it is required.

UI/UX Design

Our design department delivers amazing mobile phone app designs to the customers considering user-friendly navigation and brand implementation. Designers usually create several design layouts for the customers providing them with an opportunity to select the one which appeals them more. Our designers take into their accounts the smallest details creating a human interface of the application starting with fonts and colours to buttons location, icon design, business identity visualisation and overall design correspondence with the app functionality. Design team doesn’t stop till you are completely satisfied with the design. Our designers also are good game players and can deliver fantastic results working with your PR team.


Our team is proud to say that we have software engineers who write a first-class code that meets the coding standards and create a solid and scalable architecture with a clear and readable lines of code. Software engineers adhere to the corporate standards providing high-quality code ensuring perfect performance. Our team build robust apps for iOS, Android, and Windows platforms. And company has developers equally competent in mobile and web technologies providing customers with native and web apps.

Native Applications

Development team builds fantastic native applications benefiting from the platform capabilities and delivering native feel and look. Native app’s peculiarity is the ability to utilise phones’ and tablets’ hardware such as camera, accelerometer, audio, GPS, and others. Native applications are more engaging as their icon always stays on users’ home screens reminding them to visit the application.

Web Apps

Utilising web technologies programmes can provide you with a web app with nearly the same functionality as native. Web applications don’t need to be downloaded and do not require any disk space for storage because users access them via browsers on their mobile devices. Together the design team and developers will also ensure that your web app will look and feel on all devices which your customers may use whether it is phones or tablets. With web apps, users can access only a limited amount of native features, but those which it can access can be enough for some apps. So you should carefully consider which one will fit you more and a dedicated project manager will help you to select a proper one.


Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is one of the main values all the members of the team tightly adhere to. We pay attention to the quality from the conception stage running a thorough analysis of your program to forecast and eliminate any serious bugs. QA experts keep running performance, security, stress resistance, usability and many other tests throughout the development process to make sure that the company deliver the highest quality of your application. Such approach to the quality lets us deliver to the customers the products which exceed their expectations and amaze with excellent performance.


We help our customers to submit their apps and pass all the App Stores’ reviews when their apps are ready. But even after launch we offer maintenance services to monitor app activity, make additional improvements, make upgrades and add new functionality according to the growing needs of your company, employees, and customers. Even if you need help with analytics of your software work and looking for an expert advice on its improvement, we will be happy to assist you with your mobile application.

Our expertise

Here at our company, IT specialists and experts in every sector of app development for mobile phones and tablets have been gathered together. Whether you are thinking of building a native or web mobile application our team has proficient knowledge and skills in software development.

Android Developers

Our app development agency has a strong team of Java developers who build stunning Android software for mobile devices.
  • Java is known to be one of the most frequently used programming language used as a basis for all Android programs. Java can be run in both a browser window and in a virtual machine providing the team with the flexibility which lets us reuse the code and easier update software.
  • Knowledge of this object-oriented language let us use the variety of its Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) which can perform any imaginable task.
  • We utilise the Android Software Development Kit (SDK) to access the libraries, source code and multiple development tools including emulator.
  • Open Source Libraries and strong community support significantly reduce the development time without any prejudice to the product quality.
  • Our developers can use both Android Studio and Eclipse benefiting from these powerful Integrated Development Environments (IDE) reducing program’s bugs.
  • Using the latest version of these development tools we ensure fast time to market and high quality in one package.

iOS Programmers

Our company united talented and skilled iOS developers letting them share their expertise and experience with each other working in one team combining their efforts to achieve greater results.
  • Our team started developing iOS apps when the only suitable language for this purpose was the Objective-C language which now can be used along with Swift. Objective-C has a quite similar functionality as C++ has and a number of features that deal with graphics, display and I/O being a part of Apple development framework.
  • Since Apple released its own programming language in 2014, our team actively learned it to benefit from this technology that simplifies workflow for developers and eliminates some the security vulnerabilities that are possible with Objective-C. Swift enlarge developers tools with the latest APIs Cocoa and Cocoa Touch.
  • Our team use the latest version of Xcode IDE which due to the editorial updates lets developers perform static code analysis and eliminate bugs before running the program and speed the time to market.
We will assist you in the creation of an amazing native application for iOS platform taking all the advantages of this platform which is known for its stability and invulnerability.

Windows Mobile team

Recently updated Windows Mobile platform with its strive to the unification of the development of software for all the devices which run it has over 50 million users all over the world. And if you are aiming at reaching this audience our Windows developers will utilise their expertise in helping you to achieve your goals.
  • Our team is well-versed in Universal Windows Platform (UWP). With knowledge of this platform app architecture, developers can create universal apps that run on Windows 10 with no need to rewrite code for each type of device.
  • Competent in C++ programmers can benefit from its the API which is also supported by JavaScript. C++ is a general-purpose programming language and lets build software for any purpose you are interested in.
  • Our Windows developers are well-acquainted with the latest version of Visual Studio and Windows Standalone SDK and can utilise Windows Phone Libraries to make your software stable and qualitative.
Entrust your Windows app idea to qualified and skilled developers. Our team will ensure that your application will be available for Windows Phones and Tablets and empower them with additional functionality and engaging interface.

Web development team

Web development will let you build one application for all the platform with the help of web technologies. Our team know how to leverage web technologies and help you to make use of them.
  • Front-end developers have mastered HTML5 markup programming language which let us build a Web-frontend apps for mobile devices with access to the numerous APIs. This latest iteration of HTML standards simplifies data insert with no regards to its type. The rationalisation of the input parameters and account for different screen sizes make web pages loading faster improving the user experience.
  • The knowledge of the JavaScript programming language lets our web developers access its huge library with ready-made scripts. This language enables our programmers to add impressing functionality to a Web page.
The team also has good skills in working with CSS3 and backend scripting using PHP, ASP.NET and other technologies and can back up your mobile application. Our team will create a responsive design making it fitting any device and its screen size. The developers can even make some elements to be accessed offline with an offline caching.