How to Make an Apple App: Step by Step Guide to Professional iOS Development

Want to publish iPhone and iPad applications in one of the world's leading mobile stores? Our development experts have prepared the guide to help understand how to make an Apple app and where to get started with your iOS software and learn the basics of the Apple Developer tutorial.

Start developing iOS applications

Apple's official guide to "Start iOS app development" describes the ambitious developers, developers should know the key tools, design strategies, frameworks and other technologies to make applications for Apple tablets and smartphones. Apple's goal is to design a complete program that can be submitted to the Apple Store. Start from scratch. There is no doubt that Apple has done a great job, with simple words to describe the complex tools, even the absolute beginner of the world of Internet technology, is also very easy to understand. Apple will be easy to use, to avoid complex terms and to provide users with easy to master and digest information app development.

Learn the basics of iOS development

This guide explains how interesting iOS applications are and how much profit you can bring in the long run. However, for new mobile developers, it can be difficult to get started, so Apple offers a roadmap to guide you through the app. Keep in mind that to make iOS applications compatible with iPad and iPhone, you should have a Mac. The software development experts strongly recommend aspiring programmers to read the Apple Guide, tell the key concepts and the most effective practices , introduce iOS development tools, and help you understand the iOS development process. Learn how to use our experts to make Apple applications.

iOS app creation phase

The main tools you will learn about using iOS development are the Xcode IDE (Integrated Development Envirinment) and the iOS Software Development Kit (SDK). An aspiring programmer should also study the basics of one of the iOS Objective-C and Swift programming languages ​​and master the Cocoa Touch framework. Once you know how to use the main tools, it's now an iOS program that you can test on your device. Finally, continue to the next step - submission from the AppStore. The Apple Developer Guide is for all people who wish to learn iOS design on the official website of the Apple Developer program. Keep in mind that in order to publish your app on the AppStore, you should register an official Apple developer account for an annual fee of $ 99.

Learn how to make an Apple app

To develop a simple app that requires no extraordinary skill. Even programmers can teach themselves how to build iOS applications, watch video tutorials, and read articles on software development. You can accidentally find an article about the 8 year old who develops the app and fame. So if a child can do this, there is no doubt that anyone can complete the project. To make an iOS app, learn recipes, like cooking. We will tell you the basic steps of cooking the app, but the cooking style is necessary to find out. So here is a step-by-step guideline to preparing your iOS app recipes and enjoy!


Find the idea of ​​the app

Do you have a creative idea next to a successful app? You can know that millions of applications are available in the Apple Store. What makes this program unique? Why do users want to install it on a smartphone? What are the reasons for your spend on planned purchases or in the app, based on your chosen monetization strategy? When there's an idea, make sure there are no applications that can provide exactly the same purpose. If such an app exists, think about what it can offer and improve your product better than your competitors. Put the idea on paper or draw the wireframe using the prototype tool.


Have a Mac computer in hand?

The iPhone is a smartphone manufactured by Apple, you can use software running on Mac OS to make applications for the device. There is no doubt that, there are many simulators on the Internet, but if you are striving to make high-quality applications, they are hardly the best solution to this problem. If you do not have a Mac, you may buy a Mac mini instead, which is one of the cheaper devices, or borrow an Apple computer from your friend.


Sign up for the Apple Developer account

For the official iOS development tool, register the Apple Developer program. This process is simple - enter your Apple ID and agree to the terms of use. Visit limited free resources or sign up for full Apple Developer membership so you can publish your app on the AppStore for an annual cost of $ 99. Once you have registered your account, you will be an Apple developer who can make your own program and provide it to the masses.

Download the iOS SDK

Any official iOS programmer can download the SDK from Apple's official site. The SDK version depends on the iOS version that you want to develop. Preparing for a download can take a long time because the size of the SDK is too large because a wide range of documents, sample code and other different features can be used in the development process. Open your book or place the movie and start downloading.

Install Xcode

If you do not have Xcode installed on your Apple computer, download it from the site. Xcode is an integrated programming environment with a graphical interface that allows iOS developers to edit the source code and use huge features, graphical features and other utilities to make iOS, MacOS, WatchOS and TVOS applications. This download is great too, so be patient.

Using the SDK model and Learning Objective-C

Once you have programmed the app's wireframe with paper tools or prototypes, use the one provided in the SDK to start the project. There are many options to choose from. And there are many expert tutorials and blog posts on how to use the tools efficiently. The next step is to learn the Objective-C language. If you have no previous programming experience, it may be difficult to learn Objective-C from scratch, so try finding someone on iOS developers or hiring professional developers. Another good idea is to get the Objective-C manual, there are many good books on this topic.

For your app

When the basics of Objective-C are clear and there are some resources to find the answers to your coding problem, you can proceed with the actual programming. A useful tip: you can use the screenshot when you registered the content that you tried during the programming. The code can take several hours or months, depending on the complexity of the project. Do not introduce yourself to decide the function of the app, make a wise choice.

Test your app and send it to the Apple Store

IOS SDK with iPhone emulator. You can also use Apple ID to test the program on a personal device. You should rigorously test the app to eliminate as many errors as possible to ensure the best results Try to imagine how the current user is using the app and back to their activity. Now is the time to publish the app For iPhone users on the AppStore to see, you must register an Apple paid developer account. This year to spend $ 99 per year, as we have already mentioned, to ensure that some money is saved. There is no need to worry if you build an attractive and user-friendly product, it will soon be refunded. This $ 99 is definitely worth it. On the one hand, you can access the most advanced developer tools and have the opportunity to publish the program in the most cool mobile store.

Hire an experienced iOS developer

We are proud of the experienced developers from our team - enthusiastic programmers and designers will make an app to meet your business needs, increase conversion rate and increase customer base. If you want to present a business idea, a great mobile app or a corporate software system to make contact with life. We are happy to advise you on any mobile development issues you have, provide you with professional skills and make your dream app.