iPad Development

“Those who don’t adopt the new technology always remain lag behind in the race of life”
Some facts about iPad
Apple sold 15.43 million iPads in the first quarter of its fiscal year 2012, which spanned 14 weeks and ended Dec. 31, 2011, a 111 per cent unit increase over the same quarter a year previous.
The App Store has more than 550,000 apps.
More than 170,000 of the apps are iPad specific
The above figures indicate the popularity of iPad in the market and simultaneously development of new market for iPad development. There are numerous companies offering iPad development services but the services of iBits are unmatched and un-parallel because iBits has collected the pool of iPad developers, which are famous for quality development.
Features of iPad that give new dimensions
iPad comparatively consists of larger screen than other Apple devices that provides a room for better graphic representation and UI rendering. Therefore iPad developers at iBits produce stunning graphics in their iPad development.
When you flip the screen accelerometer automatically adjust the screen content. Our developers take advantage of this feature into Games, Utility and Productivity apps and add new dimension in the functionality of the app.
It is a new generation of command which with one, two or three fingers touching built in to control different aspects of your apps and produce amazing experience of navigation.
With internet facility in iPad our iPad developers found immense opportunities to develop browser based web apps which perform the elegant functions which are normally not possible with native apps.
What We Have
Our developers are experts in Objective C, C++, x-code, Cocoa Touch, Unity 3D, iPad SDK and other tools required for iPad development.
Profound experience of iPad development so they can tackle iPad app development in any category.
Solid infrastructural facilities like latest hardware, genuine licensed software, latest gizmos to test the application and latest devices to communicate with clients.
Cost effective development so you will get the best quality with cheaper price.
Guaranteed approval on App store and Support for marketing
Excellent and cost effective maintenance services.
Migration services from other devices.

Our Services

iPad app development is one of the core services of iBits. Our application developers are with immense capacity to develop various iPad applications to fulfill the needs of our clients. They are capable to develop iPad apps in different categories.
iPad has innovative hardware therefore its software should be innovative. We make software that leverage iPad usage at next level.
Games are popular among the all age folks. iPad offers next level gaming experience through its graphic rendering ability, its screen size and its fast processor. You can get mobility at some extent.
Web apps are future of all mobile and hand held devices as it can provides all services that native apps can do and go further in its capacity.
In the latest version Apple has introduced more features thus it made application development more challenging and iBits is ready to take such challenges and come out as winner.
We have team of top notch iPad developers and can develop any scale of application successfully. We offer our resources to hire for custom development in different packages so you can select the most suitable for your requirements and your budget.