iPad Game Development

iPad is a Futuristic Gaming Arcade

Loaded with gaming characteristics

  • Digital gaming demands more space on screen and iPad has larger screen than iPhone thus it has more real estate for game lovers and game developers alike.
  • Games look attractive due to its graphics and iPad has tremendous graphic rendering ability so normal game display as glorious one.
  • Multi-touch screen of iPad provides an ingenious experience to the game players and touch their heart string to be addictive of the game.
  • Complex games always suck more horse power from its machines and iPad has an unbeatable A5 chips to provide it.
  • iPad is a sleek and handy device so it gives unprecedented mobility and allows its players to use in any condition and anywhere.

iBits Has

  • A well experienced, creative, reliable and well trained team of iPad game developers
  • iPad game developers are proficient in Objective C, C++, Cocos2d, Unity 3D, X-code and iPad SDK therefore they can create stunning animation sequences and mind boggling 3D effects which makes your games live.
  • Create intuitive and engaging games with touch of creativity.
  • Can create all kind of games whether it is single player or multiplayer.
  • Team of graphic designers that makes beautiful game environments and eye candy game backgrounds.
  • Developers offer smooth running games with lots of fun.
  • We offer market competitive price so it is anyone’s reach.
Now let’s sign NDA and you open up your idea with us so we can convert it into reality.