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How to Develop a Successful Mobile Strategy

Before beginning to develop mobile apps, you must research the market and verify the types of apps offered by your competitors and the concerns of the viewers. In other words, the developers have to create a comprehensive mobile strategy to guarantee the best. Market position of your digital products. Designing a smartphone application is a great investment and there is no doubt that money will not be wasted on solutions that do not result in anything. A good mobile strategy is the first attempt to crystallize ideas into a comprehensive solution, carefully select target audiences, select the appropriate mobile platform and perform monetization strategies to earn money.h2.align_1.color_1 How to Develop a Successful Mobile Strategy

What platform to start with

Do you think your business needs an application?

How to start the system? To tell the truth, both Android and iOS have advantages and disadvantages. Well, it's absolutely clear that you have to choose between two obvious options. But, what do you design first? This is a question that you must answer. It excludes multiplatform development, apps that maximize the benefits of the mobile platform and provide superior functionality and a perfect user experience for all device owners running on the selected operating system. . To determine the first priority platform, you must select according to the target audience and see which platform offers the best technology and design criteria for the needs of your customer niche.

iOS and Android

For a long time, iOS has become a favorite platform for application developers because it can create secure and feature-rich solutions with excellent design. On the other hand, Android is the most popular platform on the planet and Google strives to achieve amazing opportunities for iOS. Our experts took into account the advantages of the two platforms and collected information to facilitate the selection among them.


The iOS app market is famous for its intense competition and demonstrates the fact that only 1% of all publishers in the App Store earned 94% of revenue. To stand out from this large crowd, you must be ready to strengthen the functionality of the application, strengthen the mobile strategy, make it really unique that other apps are missing in the niche. On the other hand, opening Android will increase the chances of your imagination restricting you and more opportunities for you to notice as a result. However, marketing should not be ignored. To establish a strong online presence and visibility of the application, it is necessary to do everything possible.


Android has prevailed iOS over the number of terminals available and the audience that uses it, but iOS aims mainly at a different population, so iOS will not lose its position as a major competitor. Although iOS launches expensive devices and paid apps and focuses on the market's high-end market, smartphones and tablets with Android point to a broad market share. Despite Apple's attempt to launch a cheaper version of the legendary iPhone, most iPhone and iPad owners are considered higher-end consumers. With Google Play, your application can reach the top of the table. This is almost impossible in App Store without investing millions of dollars in promotional campaigns.

Development and Quality Assurance

The development of Android apps gives you more flexibility and makes testing, iterations and coding faster and easier. In addition, because Google Play publishes regular updates by quickly analyzing user comments and modifying the application in a matter of hours, Google Play is an excellent platform for MVP (the minimum viable product) and raw products. It is On the contrary , publish in App Store requires a rigorous approval process that takes approximately one week for the application, which is done again in each update, which increases maintenance costs and increases downtime. . These long iterations and the increased risk of not getting approval from Apple will cause many developers to complain about Apple's policy. So, if you want to act quickly and cover the largest audience, Android is the platform you chose, iOS is better if you strive for security, a good user experience, a high level of design, etc. .

Cost of Application Development

In principle, the cost of developing apps for Android and iOS is not very different, but to estimate the overall cost of a digital product, you must take into account the cost of marketing and continuous optimization. In this case, the winning solution is the Google mobile platform. Why do you think this is the case? The Android software market is more friendly for newcomers and covers more viewers around the world.


Before launching the application to the market, you must perform a real monetization strategy and make your product profitable and become a stable source of income for your company. In this sense, the developers go to iOS, since Android users are shown statistics that payments for mobile software and purchase motivation in the application are low. The App Store generates much more revenue than Google Play, but since you subtract the interest account for a certain percentage of the application's revenue, consider twice the business needs before making a decision.

When starting the application in the App Store, make sure that the application is shown to the user, since the number of downloads plays an important role in the classification of the product. apps that can not maintain high-level downloads within a certain period are temporarily classified lower. Google's classification policy is very different. Priority will be given to apps with high user retention rates. Of course, veteran users have advantages over newcomers on Google Play, but the constant expansion of the user population will always be paid. Therefore, if you want to make your application stand out from the start, the Apple App Store is the right market for your product. But since Android is growing rapidly, evolving at a great pace and targeting more users, Android should not be ignored. Before making decisions, keep in mind that you must do a thorough market investigation and learn everything you can about the audience.

Why Native Apps are Better than Cross-platform Solutions

A variety of technologies, tools and programming languages ​​are used by developers to create mobile apps. Unfortunately, cross-platform solutions are an attractive alternative to native apps that provide the same results and work in all mobile operating systems, such as iOS, Android, Windows, etc. Hybrid apps can not provide the same quality and functionality as native solutions.

Of course, you can also use an application creation platform that claims to be able to develop apps for multiple devices, but the results can not be met as expected. For this reason, it is strongly recommended that all customers create apps for each mobile platform (one mobile operating system at a time) and migrate them to cheaper, lower quality multiplatform products.


Ways to Guarantee the Success of Native Apps

If the budget is limited and you can not afford to design native apps on all platforms at the same time, prioritize the target platforms, understand the needs of the clients and analyze the latest trends. As professional developers, we recommend that you conduct market studies in your application. Before continuing with other platforms, test the viability of the application on any of the platforms. The advantage of this approach is that many elements of the initial project, such as design, quality assurance, monetization strategy, functionality, can be reused in later apps. These aspects are often inherited from one application to another.


Normally, defining a mobile strategy involves the following steps:

  • Analyze competitors
  • Investigate the target audience
  • Set goal
  • Summary of the function of the future application
  • Develop a marketing strategy
  • Review and optimize general strategies

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