Our Work



A fitness application that connects users and professional trainers

A mobile application that lets fitness enthusiasts start exercising correctly was an idea of our customer who has approached us looking for a dedicated development team. We helped him to develop a fitness app which assists users in managing their daily workouts and exercises. The registration procedure was simplified with an opportunity to sign in via Facebook account or email address. The app lets purchase video courses created by professional trainers, ask for professional advice and do exercises with their friends. The app also collects statistics letting users monitor their achievements.



A social-networking website for maritime professionals

Our client approached us to develop a professional network for maritime industry workers so that like-minded professionals could share with each other expertise and experience in different industries related to sea including Yachting, Oil&Gas Drilling, Shipping, Commercial Fishing, Port&Marina Management and others. The site allows users to find valuable information and create business connections with professionals related to the relevant maritime industry. The site enables visitors to create profiles, professional pages, job posting, advertisements, upload pictures and videos and do many other things.


Fault Detector

Software for a railway company

A railway company approached us to create an internal software for monitoring railways and eliminate serious faults. The program performance is based on data received from transponders installed on the rails. The challenge was to manage this huge volume of data in an easy-to-read way so that railway company staff could effectively monitor hardware reliability, and analyse the statistics automating regular reports. We managed to facilitate the technical engineers work by automating railway faults detection.



A planning tool for internal organisation communication

Our task was to develop an enterprise-level solution that would provide smooth and seamless communication between key stakeholders of the customer company. The program idea was to create a safe communication channel which could be used to transfer current and future plans of the company between company directors and investors sharing and exporting roadmaps. The program ensures that internal and external audience is informed on specific result delivery dates and planned the duration of the task performance, guaranteeing coordination between corporate objectives and the results.



A mobile app for a catalogue of radio stations

One of our recent projects was a development of a mobile application for iOS and Android platforms with over a hundred of radio stations. The app has a categorised search providing a radio station for everyone whether a person is looking for music, sports, news, religion, finance or anything else. Users can save their favourite radio stations and have quick access to them anytime they want to listen to them. The app supports a vast number of radio stations providing easy-to-use navigation.


Property Maintain

A mobile app for facilities inventory and maintenance

Our customer approached us to create a property management system for home owners, agents, residents, and contractors enabling them to keep the property information always up to date. Our task was to create native iOS and Android applications with web backup to ensure that users get real-time information. Our team refined every detail of the app creating multiple administration layers. The app enables users to manage their inventory from any location with all data automatically synced across all user’s devices